key solutions for AUTONOMOUS VEHICLes


Phantom AI starts with a syndicate of industry aces to establish momentum by creating an array of building blocks towards solving autonomy. These building blocks can be combined to create a vast number of unique, yet powerful, solutions to a single complex challenge: 

Artificial Intelligence

That being said, there is no better incubator than the automotive space. Phantom AI plans on providing various levels of autonomy as strong stepping stones toward something bigger.


OUR Mission

Reduce the burden of everyday driving

Phantom AI works in tandem with the driver to reduce driving effort everyday. 

Save human lives everywhere

Every year, almost 100 million cars are sold over the world and traffic accidents account for nearly 1.3 million fatalities. Phantom AI believes democratizing technologies such as Automatic Emergency Braking and Emergency Lane Support is the first priority before tackling a fully self-driving vehicle.

Provide self-driving technology that everyone can afford.

Phantom AI uses an optimal sensor suite to reduce product cost so that it is accessible to everybody.